An extreme European economic, political, or military crisis. Also: Euro‑geddon. [Europe + Armageddon.]
Example Citations:
Nobody wants to speak too soon, but the horrors of the past 12 months seem far away. Nothing has changed, of course. All the old nasties are still there, including looming Eurogeddon, but we're told that every possible hazard has been "priced in".
—Jeremy Thomas, " US investors busy making other plans:," Business LIVE, January 21, 2012
As the debt-ridden, fractious European family gathered in Brussels for what was billed as crunch time, analysts coined a term for the chaos predicted to ensue if the euro fails: 'Eurogeddon.'
—Karen Kissane, " 'Eurogeddon threatens the postwar dream of unity:," The Age, December 10, 2011
Earliest Citation:
Eurogeddon? With the threat of civil war now facing Serbia itself, are we fiddling while east-central Europe burns?
—"Eurogeddon? The Coming Conflagration in East-Central Europe," New Statesman and Society, June 19, 1992
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